FiND Genetics was founded to provide a personalized approach to delivering genetic health care.

Founder’s Message: What’s Our Story?

The need for this approach stemmed from having multiple friends and friends of friends reach out to me to see if I could clarify some of the information they received from their doctors’ visits. The story often went like this. They went to a routine appointment, got a whole bunch of information or received some troubling news, they went home confused and eager for more information and began searching online for further clarification to tie them over till their next visit. I realized that there are a lot of people who have similar questions, but no where to turn to get more information.

WHat if everyone had the opportunity to reach out to a “friend” who is an expert in genetics?

This began my mission to find a solution to creating greater support and access to genetic health.

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about genetic counselors

Genetic counselors are specialists who are uniquely trained in medical genetics and counseling/communication skills. They can help you figure out if genetic testing is right for you and help you interpret your genetic testing results. Genetic counselors can also help you assess your genetic risk for inheriting cancer or other genetic conditions by analyzing your personal medical and family history.

If you are looking for personalized expertise for your health care needs, we are here to help you.