Mentoring for Existing Genetic Counselors

You work hard to support your patients and clients. Let us Help Support You.

Genetic counseling is a booming field and now more than ever there are so many varied positions where genetic counselors are needed. It’s not unusual to find yourself needing a bit of guidance as you navigate your career path.

With over 13 yrs experience in genetic counseling with roles in clinical, industry, marketing, and management, I have gained insight into the inner workings and skills that span the profession as well as mentoring skills.

If you feel like you need a “GC Friend” to walk through the thoughts in your head, reach out. I can help you with :

  • Questions regarding your existing job and growth potential. Where do you go from here?

  • Trying to decide which jobs to apply for

  • Guidance on which job to accept- through exploration on what matters most for you, we can discover your ideal fit

  • What questions to ask during an interview so you can best understand the role and culture

  • How to successfully negotiate salary and benefits